Granny Faller on Orme Mountain


     Margaret Jane Mantooth Hilliard Faller was the mother of our grandmother

Martha Ann (Mattie) Hilliard Moore.


     Remembrances of Ruby Hilliard Prigmore, Wiley Blount Hilliards daughter, about Margaret Jane Mantooth Hilliard Faller.  Most everyone just called her Granny Faller.

    Ruby lived with Granny Faller a lot, especially after her mother, Annie Mae Adams Hilliard, died in 1927. Granny's house was located on South Pittsburg (Orme) Mountain.  It was at the sharp left bend on Patton School Road.

    The house was beautiful for a house in those days. It had a beautiful

mahogany varnished staircase and a nice kitchen.  She had beautiful dishes and things for the house.  Granny Faller was much loved by Ruby.  Ruby slept with her.  Granny was a tall, slender woman, even taller than Mary Hilliard Rhodes. She was a smart woman.  She had beautiful flowers, three rows of grapevines, four Bing cherry trees, and more cherry trees in back, along with several pear trees.  She tended all of these, and sold the fruit. She could really cook, and made pies and fried pies. Granny Faller smoked a corncob

pipe after dinner. She was also musical, she played the accordion box.

     The family had a band, and played at many local dances.  Granny played the accordion. Newt played the banjo. Jeff played the fiddle; but he could play most any instrument.  A couple of other local men would also join in the playing.  Ruby said she went to many of the dances and really enjoyed them.