This letter was dictated by Thomas Smith (Bud) Moore

Bud Moore, January 1994

     I am the last child living of T.V. and Mattie Hilliard Moore.  I was born in Marshall County, Alabama about thirteen miles east of Guntersville at Meltonsville, Alabama. Myself and my sister Kate were the only children born in Marshall County.  She was born at Buck Island when daddy was farming Buck Island.  She was born and died at birth in 1913.

     In 1914 the family moved to Warrenton, down behind the Martin barbeque place.  The big tree where they lived is still standing.  In 1915 they moved to Meltonsville and I was born May 15, 1915.  In 1918 on January 1st we move to the Henry farm about two miles from town.  It is called Signal Point now.  In 1921 we moved to Henry Island.  It belonged to the two Henry brothers, Bryan and Albert Henry.  In 1926 we moved off the island in a ferry boat, the water had covered the Island.  We were going to move off anyway, we put our things in other neighbor's houses until the man moved out of our house.  The brothers had divided the island and the majority of our crop was above the fence.  Mr. Albert Henry took the upper end of the island.  We made 12 crops there.  Daddy died January 1, 1938; he live twenty years to the day on the Henry farm.

      I made the 1938 crop then I moved to Red Hill up Brown's Valley. Me and Mama was the last of the family to move off the Henry farm.  Beulah, Sam Moore's daughter, spent the last night with Mama on the Henry farm in January 1939.  TVA flooded the land around Guntersville with the Guntersville dam; they closed the flood gates on January 16, 1939.  In January of 1940 I moved to Limestone County down to Greenbrier. 

     I had to leave Mama with my brother George because she got sick the night before we moved.  Dr. Finley told me she had a bad heart and not to take her far from town.  She decided to stay with George until I could get moved.  She died the next morning, January 10, 1940.  Britt Birdwell and Chester Davis came and told me about it. I and my brothers Sam, Dottsie, and Ted came up and we buried her. 

     Pearl and I got married on February 10, 1940.  We made three crops in Limestone County, 1940, 1941 And 1942.  On November 13, 1942 we moved to the Al G. Henry farm.  Tootsie was born April 22, 1941.  We moved into a little two room house on Convict Road.  We moved early while it was pretty weather.  Then we moved in our house when the family moved out.  We live there eight years.  Pat was born September 16, 1944, and Stella was born May 21, 1948. 

     We moved to Brindlee Mountain in January 1950.  Bud was born November 30, 1951.  We made two crops up there.  We sold the farm to Dr. Taylor, a veterinarian. 

     On December 24, 1952 we moved back to Claysville at the Y across the road from the Scottsboro Road.  That is where we lived when Vol was born on July 5, 1953.  We rented all of the TVA land around the lake. 

     We moved to the Fred Hawk farm in 1954.  Because my asthma was real bad, Dr. Finley talked us into moving West.  We decided to move to Arizona.  In 1954  we had sold all of our farming tools; we loaded up our five children in a 1951 Chevrolet and headed west.  When we got to Andresses, Texas I got a job in the oil fields.  I worked there six months and got homesick.  We came home June 1, 1955. 

     I went to work for Carl Johnson.  We moved down on the lake below Rebecca.  I worked for $140.00 per month plus house rent.  Then in November 1955 I went to work for Bush Motor Company.  We moved to Rock Store Road then in about a year or two we move over into Bush's cabin. 

     In May 1959 I bought these lots where we live now.  In September of that year we started building our house.  Harvey Forrester was the carpenter.  I bought three lots.  Lots 12, 13, 14.  Our house is built on lot 14.  On March 17, 1960 we moved into our new house.  I think we were the happiest people in the world. 

     I worked full time and part time for about ten years with Bush Motor Company, and then I went back to farming.  I farmed until 1972.  In September of that year I got cotton poisoning and had to quit farming.  I went to work for Ray Atwell.  I worked 1973 and 1974 and part of 1975 then had surgery.  In the mean time on June9, 1975 Ray got killed on a tractor.  His wife quit farming. 

    I went to work for the Marshall County Board of Education and worked for them for ten years and retired out in 1985.  I have been a little sick for the last few years but I am holding on.

Daddy and Mama had seven children born in Tennessee. They moved to Alabama after 1904. Sam was born in 1904 in Tennessee.  When they moved to Jackson County My granddaddy came with them.  He is buried around Scottsboro somewhere, I do not know where.  Grandmamma, Catherine Dryman, was buried in Tennessee.  Momma and daddy had four children born in Jackson County and last two in Marshall County.  They were buried at Rehobeth.

T.V. and Mattie Hilliard Moore
Moore's came from Scotland.  The Hilliard's came from Ireland.  I have been told that John Hilliard come into the country and lived with the Indians.  He married an Indian.  My grandmother's last name was Mantooth.  I never knew her.  Her first name was Jane.

T.V. and Mattie's children born in Tennessee
George Moore 10/20/1892-09/17/1976
Little Jim
James William (Will) 03/21/1897-09/19/1963
Baby at birth
Bessie 08/29/1900-04/28/1917
Annie 04/05/1902-06/02/1970
Sam 03/06/1904-03/06/1994

T.V. and Mattie's children born in Jackson County
May 10/16/1906-03/03/1972
Ottsie 10/10/1908-10/24/1985
Dottsie 11/24/1909-12/24/1988
Ted 11/26/1911-07/31/1992

T.V. and Mattie's children born in Marshall County
Little Kate 1913
Bud 05/15/1915