Moore Family Cemeteries

  These are cemeteries that have Moore related kinfolk buried in them.

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Abel Hutson Cemetery

Located: Old Kentucky Hwy, White County, TN.  35.8378N 85.5991W

    Poor condition.  Very hard to get into.  Watch out for the briar patch.  Warm weather visits
       not recommended.  Only 5 gravesites located here.

   Abel Hutson Jr.

   Sarah Moore Hutson

Ball Play Cemetery

Located: Ball Play Road in Polk County, TN 35.029N 84.7022W

   Excellent condition.  Easy drive up access.

   Several Mantooths are buried here.

Barkley Cemetery

Located: U.S. Highway 72W Lauderdale County, AL. 34.8544N 87.411W

   Excellent condition.  Easy drive up access.

   William Earl Moore

   Leo G. (Cleo) Ray Moore


Beene Cemetery

Located: Marion Ave & 15th St., South Pittsburg, Marion County, TN.  34.9978N 85.7175W

   Good condition.  Easy drive up access.

   James Lloyd (Buddy) Moore

   Earnest (Ernie) Moore

   Leota Philpot Moore Turner Cox

   Lela Mae Sullivan

   Joseph Carl Waldon Sullivan

   Walter Payne

   Madgie Payne

   James L. Payne

   Iva Ruth Payne

   Lucille Payne

   Sadie Payne

   Annie Sullivan Waldon


Bellefonte Cemetery

Located: Jackson County Hwy 33. Near Hollywood, Jackson County, AL. 34.7128N 85.9473W

   Poor condition.  Steep bank to climb to get into cemetery. 

   Thomas Smith Moore


Bethel Cemetery

Located: Keel Hollow Road, Madison County, AL. 34.6118N 86.3572W

   Good condition.  Easy drive-up access.

   Clara Ann Holyfield Moore Gibbs Poff


Byrd Cemetery

Located: Richard Brannum Cr., Madison County, AL.  34.6015N 86.4412W

    Arthur Linnes Glover

    Eveline Bradford Glover

    Dovie Duff Kent


Cedar Hill Cemetery

Located: Cedar Hill Drive, Scottsboro, Jackson County, AL.  34.671N 86.0426W
   Excellent condition. Very large. Easy drive-up access.

  Albert Augustus (Gus) Moore

  Pearl E. Shiflett Moore

  Bryan Harlin Moore

  Lucille Blanche Brown Moore   


Centenary Cemetery

Located: Wayne County, TN 2nd Creek Road 35.0295N 87.9661W
Good condition.  Easy drive-up access.

Joe Vincent Moore

Ivagene F. Moore


Chandler Cemetery

Located: Old Gurley Pike, Madison County, AL.  34.5992N 86.3977W
   Fair condition.  Easy drive-up access.

   James Thornton Gibbs


Chattanooga Memorial Gardens

 Located: 501 Memorial Dr. Chattanooga (Red Bank), TN.  35.0966N 85.3017W

   Excellent condition. Very, very large.  Grave sites located down a steep bank.

   John Wesley Hilliard

   Arva Mosely Hilliard

   Jeff F. Hilliard Sr.

   Ruth Barns Hilliard

   Jeff F. Hilliard Jr.

   James K. Graham

   Lillie Mae Hilliard Graham

   Casper Van Allman

   Otsie Hilliard Van Allman

   Belle Hilliard Hudson Cagle


Chattanooga National Cemetery

Located: S. Holtzclaw Ave. Chattanooga, Hamilton County, TN. 35.0324N 85.287W

    Excellent condition.  Easy drive-up access.

   Joe Doss Moore      Plot RR99

   Ollie Irene Wilson Moore Plot RR99

   Alvin L. Wright      Plot BB684

   Alice J. Wright       Plot BB684


Clear Springs Cemetery

Located: Rogers Lane, Hwy 79, Marshall County, AL. 34.2693N 86.3756W

    Excellent condition.   Easy drive-up access

    Epsie Baugh

    Ottsie Moore Baugh     

Crestview Cemetery

Located: Wyeth Drive, Guntersville, Marshall County, AL. 34.328N 86.2987W

    Excellent condition.  Easy drive-up access.

   Thomas Smith (Bud) Moore

   Pearl Burke Moore

  Martha Sue (Tootsie) Moore


Cumberland View Cemetery

Located: Hwy 64/72 Kimball, Marion County, TN, 35.0435N 85.6822W

   Excellent condition.  Easy drive-up access.

   James William Moore

   Tressie Sullivan Moore

   Frieda Ann Moore Dawson

   Betty Jo Parham Simmons

   Jamie Dawson Turner

   Marshall Thomas

   Adele Thomas

   Hodge D. Raulston

Gross Cemetery

Located: Hwy 79, Jackson County, AL.  34.5654N 86.1317W

   Good condition.  Easy drive-up access.

   Albert Dotson Moore

   Rebecca Ann Stephens Moore


Haney's Chapel Cemetery

Located: Monsanto Rd, Marshall County, AL.  34.4418N 86.1957W                                              

   Good condition.  Easy drive-up access

   Bessie J. Moore

Hutson Cemetery #3

Location: Old Kentucky Hwy, White County, TN.  35.8394N 85.6008W

   Poor condition.  About 500 yards off the main road across a meadow. 

   Several of the Abel Hutson Family

Limestone Memorial Gardens                                                                                        

Located: Hwy 31, Athens, Limestone County, AL.  34.7713N 86.9549W

   Excellent condition.  Very large.  Easy drive-up access

   Sam Mancel Moore

   Jesse Entrekin Moore


Long Cemetery

Located: Hwy 30, Van Buren County, TN.  35.7339N 85.5417W

   Excellent condition.  Easy drive-up access.

   Major Passons

   Anna Anderson Passons

   Andrew Jackson Passons

   Margaret Cotton Passons

   James Sullivan

   Lucinda Jane Black Sullivan


Mantooth Family Cemetery

Located: J. Wilson Rd, Polk County, TN,  35.0089N 84.7027W

   Poor condition.  Up a wooded hill.  No real path.  Difficult to access.

   Everyone in the Cemetery is Mantooth related. Many Burns.

   Samuel Mantooth

   Leitha H. Phariss Mantooth

   Calvin Mantooth

   Melvina Harvey Mantooth

   Hugh Aaron Mantooth

   Martha Jane Mantooth

   Doc Houston Mantooth


Maple Hill Cemetery

Located: 203 Maple Hill Drive, Huntsville, Alabama 34.733887N 86.57467W
Extreme large, almost 100 acres with over 80,000 burials.  Excellent condition.
Isaac (Ike) Haskins

Sarah (Sallie or Lottie) Moore Haskins


McAnelly Cemetery

Located: Hwy 35 Scottsboro, Jackson County, AL.  34.6474N 85.9821W

   Poor condition.  Easy drive-up access.

   Eliza E. Shelton Moore


Moon Cemetery

Located: Cave Springs Rd, Madison County, AL. 34.5984N 86.446W

   Excellent condition.  Easy drive-up access.

   Thomas Anthony Moore

   Arthur Graham Moore

   Ida Bell Duff Baker


Mt. Pisgah Cemetery

Located: Old Kentucky Rd. (Hwy 136) Walling, White County, TN.  35.8479N 85.5921W

   Excellent condition.  Easy drive-up access.

   Tilford Anderson Passons

   Sarah Moore Hutson Passons

   Benjamin Franklin Passons

   Mathias Hutson

   Sarah Knowles Hutson

   William Brittain Hutson

   Martha Howard Hutson

   John W. Knowles


Mt. Pleasant Cemetery

Located:  Mt. Pleasant Rd. Off US Hwy 64W & Rose Creek Rd., McNairy County, TN 35.1845N 88.6294W
   Roads are narrow.  Mt. Pleasant road is gravel and quite winding.  Cemetery is in good condition. 

Margaret Rebecca "Peggy" Henry Moore

William Smith Moore Jr.

Wilhelmina "Willie" King Moore

Esaw Moore

Columbus Moore

James Buchanan "Buck" Moore

Mary Cynthia Morris Moore

Several other Moores & Kings which may or may not be kinfolk.


Mt. Tabor Cemetery

Located: Mt. Tabor Rd. Off Alabama 36E, Hartselle, AL  34.4373N 86.8668W

Stevenson Henry Moore

Viola Walling Moore

Modie Stevenson Moore

Wilma Aster Johnson Moore


New Hope Cemetery

Located:  Pine Grove Rd, Marion County, TN.  35.0003N 85.6609W

   Excellent condition. Easy drive-up access.

   Calvin Smith Moore

   Trilby Massengale Moore

   Calvin Lee Moore

   Lee Massengale

   Kitty Massengale

   Carrie Choate

Odear Cemetery

Located: Sherwood Rd (Hwy 56) Franklin County, TN.  35.1791N 85.9305W

   Excellent condition.  Easy drive-up access.

   Augusta Passons Sullivan

   Rose Sullivan Moore

   Billy Joe Moore

   Lou Sullivan Short

   Reese Short

   Clyde Short


Old Fort Cemetery

Located: Killian Rd. Old Fort, Polk County, TN  35.051695N 84.741792W

   Very poor condition.  Overgrown, trash dump.  No headstone.  Warm weather visits not recommended.

   Mark Wesley Hilliard


Oleander Methodist Church Cemetery

Located: Hwy 231, Marshall County, AL.  34.4158N 86.5313W

   Good condition.  Easy drive-up access.

   Thomas (Tom) Moore

   Ella (Eller) Tidtel Moore

Patton Annex Cemetery

Located: S. Cedar Ave, S. Pittsburg, TN.  35.0054N 85.7097W

   Excellent condition.  Easy drive-up access. 

   George Wesley Hilliard

   Margaret Jane Mantooth Hilliard Faller

   Robert Absolum Rhodes Sr.

   Mary Alice Hilliard Rhodes

   Hassell Melvinia Rhodes

   William Wesley Rhodes

   Melvinia Harris Rhodes


Rehobeth Cemetery

Located: Signal Point Rd, Guntersville, AL. 34.3495N 86.2691W

   Good condition.  Easy drive-up access.

   Thomas Voluntine Moore

   Martha Ann (Mattie) Hilliard Moore

   Leamon Lincoln Moore

   John B. Moore

   Elizabeth Cartwright Moore

   Marvin (Ted) Moore

   Manervia Blackwell Moore

   Albert Dottsie Moore

   Lavada Daley Moore

   Jordan Sparks

   Mae Moore Sparks

   Raymond Sparks

   Vernon Sparks

   George C. Moore

   Pearly Walley Moore


Resthaven Memorial Gardens

Located: 2930 Hwy 41A South, Clarksville, Montgomery County, TN.  36.5013N 87.2422W

Lola Virginia Moore Westerman

Willard W. Westerman

Savannah Cemetery

Located: S. Cherry St, Savannah, TN.  35.22N 88.2501W

   Excellent condition.  Easy drive-up access.

   Robert Lee (Bob Lee) Moore


Sherwood Cemetery

   Located: Young's Creek Rd, Sherwood, TN: 35.0745N 85.9199W

   Fair condition.  Limited parking. Hard to turn around.  Otherwise no problems.

   John Duncan Sullivan

   Oprah Sullivan

   Nancy Sullivan

   Trasda Sullivan

   James Sullivan

Sumner Memorial Gardens

Located: 420 Albert Gallatin Ave, Gallatin, TN: 36.403973, -86.436452

     Excellent condition.

      Billy Maurice Moore


Summit Cemetery

Located: Hwy 299, Dade County, GA.  34.9826N 85.4602W

   Good condition.  Long walk across little hill to gravesite. Good parking.

   Louisia Velcora Hilliard Hicks


Williamson Cemetery

Located: 27th Ave, Northport, AL.  33.2176N 87.5837W

   Excellent condition.  Easy drive-up access.

   Douglas Guinn Moore

   Emily Katherine (Kay) Thomas Moore


Williamson Cemetery Tennessee

Located: Off Tennessee Highway 58 in Hamilton County, TN. 35.21N, 85.0373W

   Excellent condition.  Easy drive-up access.

   James William (Will) Wright

   Anna Bell (Annie) Moore Wright

   Thomas Lesley Wright

   Vivian Johnson Wright









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Baker              Ida Bell Duff                Moon Cemetery
Baugh              Epsie                       Clear Springs Cemetery
Baugh              Ottsie Moore                Clear Springs Cemetery
Brown              Lucille Blanche              Cedar Hill Cemetery

Cagle              Belle Hilliard Hudson       Chattanooga Memorial Park
Choate             Carrie                      New Hope Cemetery
Cox               Leota Philpot Moore Cox      Beene Cemetery

Dawson             Frieda Ann Moore            Cumberland View Cemetery

Faller             Margaret Jane Hilliard      Patton Annex Cemetery


Gibbs              James Thornton              Chandler Cemetery
Glover             Arthur Linnes                Byrd Cemetery
Glover             Eveline Bradford             Byrd Cemetery
Graham             Lillie Mae Hilliard         Chattanooga Memorial Park

Haskins            Isaac (Ike)                  Maple Hill Cemetery
Hutson             Abel Jr.                    Abel Hutson Cemetery
Hutson             Martha Howard               Mt. Pisgah Cemetery
Hutson             Matthias                    Mt. Pisgah
Hutson             Sarah Knowles               Mt. Pisgah
Hutson             William Brittain            Mt. Pisgah
Hicks              Louisia V. Hilliard              Summit Cemetery
Hilliard           George Wesley               Patton Annex Cemetery
Hilliard           Jeff F.                     Chattanooga Memorial Park
Hilliard           John Wesley                 Chattanooga Memorial Park
Hilliard           Mark Wesley                 Old Fort Cemetery
Hilliard           Ruth Barns                  Chattanooga Memorial Park


Johnson             Wilma Aster                  Mt. Tabor Cemetery


Kent               Dovie Duff                   Byrd Cemetery
Knowles            John W.                     Mt. Pisgah Cemetery

Mantooth           Calvin                      Mantooth Family Cemetery
Mantooth           Doc Houston                 Mantooth Family Cemetery
Mantooth           Hugh Aaron                  Mantooth Family Cemetery
Mantooth           Leitha H. Phariss           Mantooth Family Cemetery
Mantooth           Martha Jane                 Mantooth Family Cemetery
Mantooth           Melvinia Harvey             Mantooth Family Cemetery
Mantooth           Samuel Marion               Mantooth Family Cemetery
Massengale         Kitty                        New Hope Cemetery
Massengale         Lee                         New Hope Cemetery
Moore              Albert Augustus (Gus)        Cedar Hill Cemetery
Moore              Albert Dotson               Gross Cemetery
Moore              Albert Dottsie              Rehobeth Cemetery
Moore              Arthur Graham               Moon Cemetery
Moore              Bessie J.                   Haney's Chapel Cemetery
Moore              Billy Maurice               Sumner Memorial Gardens
Moore              Billy Joe                   Odear Cemetery
Moore              Bryan Harlin                 Cedar Hill Cemetery
Moore              Calvin Lee                  New Hope Cemetery
Moore              Calvin Smith                New Hope Cemetery
Moore              Columbus                     Mt. Pleasant Cemetery
Moore              Douglas Guinn               Williamson Cemetery
Moore              Earnest (Ernie)             Beene Cemetery
Moore              Eliza E. Shelton            McAnelly Cemetery
Moore              Elizabeth Cartwright        Rehobeth Cemetery
Moore              Ella (Eller)                Oleander Cemetery
Moore              Emily Katherine (Kay)       Williamson Cemetery
Moore              Esaw                         Mt. Pleasant Cemetery
Moore              George C.                   Rehobeth Cemetery
Moore              Ivagene F.                   Centenary Cemetery
Moore              James Buchanan (Buck)        Mt. Pleasant Cemetery
Moore              James Lloyd (Buddy)              Beene Cemetery
Moore              James William (Will)        Cumberland View Cemetery
Moore              Jesse Entrekin              Limestone Memorial Gardens
Moore              Joe Doss                    Chattanooga National Cemetery
Moore              Joe Vincent                  Centenary Cemetery
Moore              John B.                     Rehobeth Cemetery
Moore              Lavada Daley                Rehobeth Cemetery
Moore              Leamon Lincoln              Rehobeth Cemetery
Moore              Leo G. (Cleo)                Barkley Cemetery
Moore              Manervia Blackwell          Rehobeth Cemetery
Moore              Margaret Rebecca (Peggy)     Mt. Pleasant Cemetery
Moore              Martha A.(Mattie) Hilliard  Rehobeth Cemetery
Moore              Martha Sue (Tootsie)         Crestview Cemetery
Moore              Marvin (Ted)                Rehobeth Cemetery
Moore              Mary Cynthia Morris          Mt. Pleasant Cemetery
Moore              Modie Stevenson              Mt. Tabor Cemetery
Moore              Pearl Burke                 Crestview Cemetery
Moore              Pearl Walley                Rehobeth Cemetery
Moore              Rebecca Ann Stephens        Gross Cemetery
Moore              Robert Lee (Bob Lee)        Savannah Cemetery
Moore              Rose Sullivan               Odear Cemetery
Moore              Sam Mancel                  Limestone Memorial Gardens
Moore              Sarah (Lottie) Moore         Maple Hill Cemetery
Moore              Stevenson Henry              Mt. Tabor Cemetery
Moore              Thomas Anthony (Tony)       Moon Cemetery
Moore              Thomas (Tom)                Oleander Cemetery
Moore              Thomas Smith (Bud)          Crestview Cemetery
Moore              Thomas Smith                Bellefonte Cemetery
Moore              Thomas Voluntine            Rehobeth Cemetery
Moore              Wilhelmina King (Willie)     Mt. Pleasant Cemetery
Moore              William Smith Jr.            Mt. Pleasant Cemetery
Moore              William Earl                 Barkley Cemetery
Moore              Tressie Sullivan Moore      Cumberland View Cemetery
Moore              Trilby Massengale           New Hope Cemetery

Parham             Betty Jo                     Cumberland View Cemetery
Passons            Andrew Jackson              Long Cemetery
Passons            Benjamin Franklin           Mt. Pisgah Cemetery
Passons            Major                       Long Cemetery
Passons            Margaret Cotton             Long Cemetery
Passons            Sarah Moore Hutson          Mt. Pisgah Cemetery
Passons            Tilford Anderson            Mt. Pisgah Cemetery
Payne              Iva Ruth                    Beene Cemetery
Payne              James L.                    Beene Cemetery
Payne              Lucille                     Beene Cemetery
Payne              Madgie                      Beene Cemetery
Payne              Sadie                       Beene Cemetery
Payne              Walter                      Beene Cemetery
Poff               Clara Moore Gibbs           Bethel Cemetery

Raulston           Hodge D.                     Cumberland View Cemetery
Rhodes             Hassell Melvinia            Patton Annex Cemetery
Rhodes             Mary Alice Hilliard              Patton Annex Cemetery
Rhodes             Melvinia J. Harris          Patton Annex Cemetery
Rhodes             Robert Absolum Sr.          Patton Annex Cemetery
Rhodes             William Wesley              Patton Annex Cemetery

Short              Clyde                       Odear Cemetery
Short              Lou Sullivan                Odear Cemetery
Short              Reese                       Odear Cemetery
Shiflett           Pearl E.                     Cedar Hill Cemetery
Sparks             Jordan                      Rehobeth Cemetery
Sparks             Mae Moore                   Rehobeth Cemetery
Sparks             Raymond                     Rehobeth Cemetery
Sparks             Vernon                       Rehobeth Cemetery
Sullivan           James                        Long Cemetery
Sullivan           James C.                    Sherwood Cemetery
Sullivan           John Duncan                 Sherwood Cemetery
Sullivan           Joseph Carl Waldon          Beene Cemetery
Sullivan           Lela Mae                    Beene Cemetery
Sullivan           Lucinda Jane Black           Long Cemetery
Sullivan           Nancy                       Sherwood Cemetery
Sullivan           Oprah                       Sherwood Cemetery
Sullivan           Trasda                      Sherwood Cemetery

Thomas             Adele                       Cumberland View Cemetery
Thomas             Marshall                    Cumberland View Cemetery
Turner             Jamie Dawson                Cumberland View Cemetery

Van Allman         Casper                      Chattanooga Memorial Park
Van Allman         Otsie Hilliard              Chattanooga Memorial Park

Waldon             Annie Sullivan              Beene Cemetery
Walling            Viola                        Mt. Tabor Cemetery
Westerman          Lola Virginia Moore              Resthaven Memorial Gardens
Westerman          Willard W.                  Resthaven Memorial Gardens
Whitlow            Augusta Passons Sullivan    Odear Cemetery
Wilson             Ollie Irene Wilson Moore     Chattanooga National Cemetery
Wright             Alvin L.                     Chattanooga National Cemetery
Wright             Alice J.                     Chattanooga National Cemetery               
Wright             Anna Bell (Annie)            Williamson Tennessee
Wright             James William (Will)         Williamson Tennessee
Wright             Thomas Leslie                Williamson Tennessee
Wright             Vivian Johnson               Williamson Tennessee